Update on House #3

Both house #2 and house #3 went under contract quickly and house #2 is set to close on Tuesday April 16th.  Unfortunately I had to terminate the contract on house #3 because the buyer requested an additional $30,000 worth of unnecessary work.  I re-listed the property and got several offers and then accepted an offer soon afterwards.  The inspection has been completed and they are ready to move forward with the financing.  I’m hoping the appraisal doesn’t come in low because of a lack of good comps in the neighborhood, but I think we’ll be pretty close. 

The buyer’s agent sent a hand-written note with the offer stating that the buyer’s son is currently deployed in Afghanistan and has been sending his mother his wages so they can buy a house for him to come home to.  He was on the phone with his mother and their agent when they first looked at the home and was excited about it.  I appreciate this young man’s service to our country and hope he and his mother enjoy their new home once he comes back home.  Here is the note if you’d like to read it. (Click the picture for a larger view – sorry for the poor quality!)


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