String Bracelets, Child Abuse, and Welcome To Our New Guests!

Some of you might remember the string bracelets that were popular maybe 20 years ago.  They are made of a single piece of string/rope and come in several colors.   My son recently discovered these in the prize case at the skating rink he likes for me to take him to.  You know the drill – spend $20 on arcade games in order to collect tickets that you redeem for prizes worth a fraction of what you end up paying for them.  He got one bracelet of each color a while back, and each time we go he usually wins enough tickets to replace some or all of the bracelets for new ones.  The last time he replaced the set, he gave me his old ones to keep.  I decided to wear the black one so I’d always have something on me to remind me of him, and the black one he wears serves as a reminder of me. 

I know most of you have also seen the colored rubber bracelets you can purchase to help support various causes.  Well, this black string bracelet has become my personal reminder of Child Abuse Awareness.  Every day it reminds me of what my son went through at the hands of his mother’s husband.  It reminds me of what could still happen to him since (as expected) the court did nothing about the attack, despite the offender admitting to it in the courtroom under oath, and my son’s grandfather corroborating the story.  It reminds me that no child deserves to be hit, especially with a large metal tool.  It reminds me that I want to do whatever I can in my lifetime to fight for them since they can’t fight for themselves, and the legal system is a complete joke for refusing to act until irreparable damage has been done. 

To all of you who are lucky enough to have your kid(s) at home where they are safe and you get to see them every day:  Give them an extra hug today and remind them of how much you love them.  You don’t realize how lucky you are.  That’s a luxury I’d give anything to have.

Lastly, welcome to my blog Vonda, John, and/or Steve!  Let me know if you have any questions, I guarantee I have an answer for you.


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