New Life Goal

If you read my story about House #1: The Batcave then you may have read that my son was assaulted by his mother’s current husband last summer.  This saddens me to my core because no child deserves to be hit, much less with a large metal tool.  The legal system has failed him by choosing not to take any action, but I will not stop my legal battle to gain custody of him.  I know this will be a long, costly, uphill battle; but in the end I will at least be able to say I did everything possible to fight for him, and he will know that.

I work on the Neurosurgery/Neurology unit at a Children’s Hospital.  As part of my job, I’ve seen more abused children than I’d ever care to see in one lifetime.  My heart has always gone out to them, but now it has affected me personally.

As I grow this business,  I will reach the point where I will be able to give back financially to help others.  One of the causes I will wholeheartedly support will be helping abused children.  They can’t fight for themselves and the system doesn’t always protect them, therefore we must fight for them.  I have a long road to travel until I can make any significant contributions to this cause, but I will get there.



New Life Goal — 5 Comments

  1. I’m with u Andy. You are a strong young man, a perfect nurse, business man and exceptional father. You have a goal of mending lives as well as properties. I congratulate u on both and stand behind u 200 percent.

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