(Nasty) Update for 10/18

Just a quick update on the two houses I’m working on.  Closing for House #3 is set for tomorrow 10/19.  I’ll start renovations on it this weekend and the major work will commence next week.  I’ll try to finish this house before House #2 because this one does not have a deed restriction.

House #2 closed last Friday and I started pulling the old carpet out of the house immediately because it stinks from the previous owner’s dog(s).  I was only able to get part of the carpet pulled out of the house before I started to get physically sick.

Here is why:

That’s pee stains on the bottom side of the carpet.  Hundreds of them.  How many times does a person have to let their dog(s) pee on the carpet before they decide maybe the dog(s) should live outside?




  Quite possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen/marinated in/smelled in my life.  And don’t forget, I work at a hospital.  I’m going to go back with a respirator and try to finish the removal.





I’ll start the major renovations on this one after we’re done with House #3.  I’ll post more pictures and updates as the projects move along.









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