The Crisis House Progress Pics

Trim Painted White, Large Bush Removed, New Front Door

Deck Stained

Deck Stained

Den Being Built

Den Built

Bath Built

New Bedroom in Progress

Bedroom Built

Closet in Progress

Bedroom and Closet Built

Laundry in Progress

Laundry Finished

Storage Room Built

Downstairs in Progress

Doorway Widened, Closet and Storage Built

Dog Urine in Carpet

More Carpet



The Crisis House Progress Pics — 4 Comments

  1. First time I didn’t know what was on the carpet; ha! When I saw this time what it was, yuck!!!
    Everything looks great! So this one will be ready to move before the other one, right?
    I really like to see the before and after pics….

    • I was getting sick pulling out the carpet so I had to come back with a respirator. Both houses will probably be ready to be put on the market around the same time, hopefully by next weekend.

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