House #5 is on the Market!

House #5 is finally on the market and you can see the Finished Photos Here. This was quite a learning experience to say the least. The general contractor I hired suddenly stopped answering my calls after I discovered the shoddy work his subs performed. Unfortunately, most of the problems weren’t visible and I had already paid them most of their money. (They are located in Dallas, GA, message me if you want to know which one.) I spent several thousand dollars fixing what they messed up.

I ultimately had to demo and replace the entire tile floor and replace\repair the plumbing in the new shower. I could have sold the house as it was, but the shower would have eventually had problems, and I want to be able to stand behind my product – unlike the contractor I hired.

The house is listed at $249,900 and my total expenses are somewhere around $160-$165,000. Hopefully we can get this thing under contract soon!6374

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