House #1 Finished Photos, On The Market

It has been a long time coming, but The Batcave is finally finished and listed for sale.  I didn’t meet my goal of having it listed last month because it took an incredibly long time to get the landscaping done.  I have never had this much trouble trying to give someone some work.  After talking to over 10 different landscapers, I finally found one to do the job and I’m satisfied with the results.  I’m also happy with the new roof.  I’m a “visual” person, so I have trouble picking out a shingle color from a sample board – I need to see it on the house. The house was listed on the 9th and we’ve had a couple of nibbles on it so far, but no offers yet.  Hopefully soon though, because I’m beyond ready to move on to the next one!  Here are the finished pics.  As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions.


Front of House


House #1 Finished Photos, On The Market — 10 Comments

  1. Andy, This is your cousin from Virginia. I was married to a builder and have personally built two of my homes. You have a great idea! I think that you are doing a great job. You obviously have a knack and an eye for this type of thing. God Bless you Andy! Go Get Em!!!

    • Silly Theresa… I know who my cousin from Virginia is! Thanks for the kind words. I definitely had to hold myself back in some areas of this project to keep myself from “over-rehabbing” the house because at this price point, I would not have recaptured the extra money spent to make the house as nice as I would like it. It definitely turned out nicely and will make a great home for someone.

  2. I don’t know if you just take really good pictures, or not..but even the before pictures don’t look bad! After pictures are really nice!

    • Thanks, Shawn. I have some before pictures of the lower level, before I started on the walls and ceiling. I need to find them and post them to give a better idea of what I started with.

  3. I have followed this project, and WOW you are not only talented but you will always be in demand! Great Job!!!!

    • Thank you! And thanks for following along. Hopefully I’ll be able to find another project to start on soon, so stay tuned!

  4. Nice job Andy,,
    You make me jealous
    Sure wish I could buy houses for tha price in Los Angeles!!!!
    Its slim pickings out here,,,,
    Nice website too!!!

    Dave Doyle
    Monrovia Calif

    • Thanks, Dave. I appreciate the feedback. These prices may not be possible in L.A., but the hopefully the price ratio is! Just add one zero to the purchase price, rehab price and sale price! Inventory around here is very low right now as well unfortunately, so I’m going to have to shift gears and try some new approaches to finding properties.
      Best wishes in your investing,

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